Deprecated Features

This document lists features that are now deprecated from the Alexa Skills Kit.

Alexa.CustomIntent interface

The Alexa.CustomIntent interface is no longer available. If you want to create an Alexa Smart Home skill that extends the built-in utterances with your own custom voice interaction model, see About Multi-Capability Skills (MCS).

Baby Activity Skills and the Alexa.Health interfaces

As of May 21, 2020, the Baby Activity Skill API is no longer available. You can no longer use the following interfaces:

  • Alexa.Health.DiaperChange
  • Alexa.Health.InfantFeeding
  • Alexa.Health.Sleep
  • Alexa.Health.Weight

Use the custom skill APIs to implement baby activity logging in your Alexa skill. For details, see Understand Custom Skills.

Echo Button skills

As of June 15, 2020, the Echo Buttons Skill API interfaces (GameEngine and GadgetController) are no longer available to new skills. If you're interested in building voice experiences with other types of Alexa Gadgets, see Custom Interfaces.

If you already started or published a skill that uses the GameEngine or GadgetController interface, you can continue to access the technical documentation, update the skill, and submit the skill for certification until the interfaces are deprecated on December 1, 2020.

After December 1, 2020, your skill will continue to be available in the Alexa Skills Store and function with Echo Buttons as currently designed. However, you will not be able to submit any updates to your skill without removing the use of the GameEngine and GadgetController interfaces.

Education Skills and the Alexa.Education interfaces

As of June 11, 2021 the Alexa Education Skill API is no longer available. You can no longer use the following interfaces:

  • Alexa.Education.Course
  • Alexa.Education.Coursework
  • Alexa.Education.ErrorResponse
  • Alexa.Education.Grade.Course
  • Alexa.Education.Grade.Coursework
  • Alexa.Education.Profile.Student
  • Alexa.Education.School.Communication

Use the custom skill APIs to build an Alexa skill that can access student assignments, grades, and school information. For details, see Understand Custom Skills.

Display interface

The Display interface is deprecated and isn't supported on all Alexa devices. To add multimodal experiences to your skill, use Alexa Presentation Language (APL) instead.

To learn about APL, see Add Visuals and Audio to Your Skill.

The Alexa Design System for APL includes a set of templates that are similar to the display templates, so you can transition your skill. For details about which templates to use, see Replace display templates with responsive templates.

Helper functions to retrieve viewport profiles

The Alexa Skills Kit SDKs includes functions that use data in the skill request context to calculate a viewport profile for the device. These functions are deprecated and aren't recommended. Instead, use the @viewportProfile resource in the viewport profiles package to create APL documents that adapt to different devices.

For details about the @viewportProfile resource and responsive documents, see the following:

The following functions are deprecated and not recommended:

Knowledge skills

As of October 2022, knowledge skills and the knowledge skill API are no longer supported. You can't create new knowledge skills or edit existing knowledge skills. For previous knowledge skill use cases, such as Q&A models, you can use custom skills. For details, see Understand Custom Skills.