Understand Alexa Skill Deals

To promote your monetized skill, add Alexa Skill Deals to your in-skill products or paid skill to discount the price for a period of time. You can offer deals without republishing your skill or products.

What are Alexa Skill Deals?

Deals are a self-service way to offer temporary discounts for your in-skill products and paid skills. After the discount period ends, Amazon changes the price back to the original list price. You can offer deals for consumable, one-time purchase, and subscription payment models. If you offer a deal on a subscription, you select the number of billing cycles to charge the discounted price. During the discount period, you receive the royalty stated in the Amazon Developer Services Agreement based on your discounted list price. Existing minimum price limits apply to the deal price.

You create deals in the Alexa developer console. At the configured deal start time, Amazon updates the price to the discounted price. Allow up to 48 hours for the deal to take effect.

When you offer a deal, the customers see the percent discount from the original list price in the Alexa Skills Store and on Alexa-enabled devices with a screen. Also, customers hear the discount on Alexa-enabled devices. After the deal ends, the price reverts back to the original list price.

The following screenshot shows an example card for the fictional Quick Trivia paid skill that offers a deal for a 50 percent discount for six months.

Diagram of a card on an Alexa-enabled device with a screen that shows the deal price for the skill. The deal offers a discount on the monthly subscription.

How you create an Alexa skill deal

After you publish a custom skill that offers in-skill purchasing or a paid skill, you can create an Alexa skill deal. The following steps show the process to create the deal:

  1. Configure the details of the deal in the Alexa developer console.
  2. (Recommended) Update your purchase suggestion to let the customer know that a discount is available. For details, see Offer purchase suggestions for in-skill products and Design the purchase suggestion for paid skills. Make sure that you don't include the discounted price in your suggestion. Alexa plays the purchase suggestion and the discounted price during the Amazon purchase flow.

After you save your deal, Amazon activates the deal and updates the retail site within 48 hours.


Alexa Skill Deals has the following restrictions:

  • You can create a deal for certified skills and products that are in the live stage only.
  • You can define multiple upcoming deals as long as the discount periods don't overlap.
  • The deal price must be at least 20 percent less than the original list price.
  • If the existing list price of your product or paid skill is at the minimum price, you can't offer a deal.
  • Deals for subscriptions and one-time purchases are available to new customers only. Deals on consumables are available to new and existing customers.

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Last updated: Mar 26, 2024