Register for Amazon Associates on Alexa

With Amazon Associates on Alexa, Amazon's affiliate marketing program, you can recommend products to your customers and earn commission from qualifying purchases. For more details about the program, see Earn money with Amazon Associates on Alexa.

Follow these procedures to register your skill with the Associates program and obtain your Associated ID.


Your skill must be certified and published in the Alexa Skills Store. To register, you need the URL of your skill's detail page in the Alexa Skills Store.

Create an Associates account

To register your skill with the Amazon Associates on Alexa program, you create an Amazon Associates account. If you have an existing Amazon Associates account for a website, mobile app, or social network, create a new one for the Alexa program. For help to get started, see About Alexa Skills.

If you already have an account with Amazon Associates on Alexa and you want to add other shopping skills to the same account, create a tracking ID for each skill. For more details, see Using Tracking IDs.

To create an Amazon Associates account

  1. Open Amazon Associates , and then click Sign up.
  2. Sign in to your Amazon developer account.
  3. On Your Account Information, enter your developer or company information, and then click Next.
  4. On Your Websites and Mobile Apps, for Enter Mobile App or Alexa Skill URL(s), enter the URL to your mobile app or skill detail page in the Alexa Skills Store, and then click Add.
  5. To continue to create the account, click Next.
  6. For Are any of the traffic sources listed above directed primarily at children under 13?, select the appropriate option, and then click Confirm.
  7. For Profile, fill out the required fields. For Alexa skills, fill in the following details.
    1. For Tell us about the content you create?, enter a short skill description and information about how you intend to recommend products to customers.
    2. For Which of the following topics best describe your content?, select the topic that best describes your skill.
  8. To prevent fraud, type in the characters in the captcha image.
  9. For Operating Agreement, click the link to read the Associates Program Operating Agreement, and then select the check box to acknowledge that you read and agree to the terms.
  10. To create your account, click Finish.

Save your Associates ID

After you create your account, you see your unique Associates ID. In a convenient place, such as Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac, paste the Associates ID, and then save the file. You use the ID in the Alexa Shopping actions API to attribute purchases to your Associates account.