View Skill Metrics

You can use the Alexa developer console to generate reports of usage metrics for your skills. For details about skill metrics, see About Skill Metrics.

Access the Analytics dashboard

To access the Analytics page

  1. Open the Alexa developer console and log in.
  2. Click the Skills tab.
  3. In the list of your skills, select the appropriate skill row. Your skill opens in the console.
  4. Click Analytics to display the Summary page for your skill. The metrics available on the Analytics page depend on the category for your skill. On the Analytics, the following tasks are available:
    • Click the language drop-down to switch between language models, or choose All to see combined metrics for all language models for your skill.
    • Click the Jump to analytics for drop-down list in the upper right to go directly to the Analytics page for a different skill in your account.
    • Click the Skill Stage drop-down list to switch between development and live versions of the skill.
    • Click the Time Interval (UTC) controls buttons to change the time range.
    • Click the Aggregation Period drop-down list to aggregate on different time periods, for example, to show average data every X period for latency).

The following screenshot illustrates the Analytics dashboard in the Alexa developer console:

Analytics page
Analytics page

Last updated: Apr 25, 2023